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RFC Fuel will keep you motivated. Fuel gives you clear and specific goals to strive for. You will be able to work with a personal trainer in a fun group format while getting a balanced, full-body workout. RFC Fuel provides a sense of healthy competition and peer accountability. Your RFC Fuel membership gives you unlimited FUEL group training and  FULL ACCESS to RFC that includes over 35 general fitness classes such as Zumba, TurboKick Live, PiYo Live, REFIT, Country Heat Live and Cycling classes!
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Our BASIC membership offers our general fitness classes and access to RFC for about $2 per day.

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Are you struggling to lose weight? Lost weight only to have found it again?

We understand because we have heard this from people just like you. Here's the good news... there is hope, there is an answer. This is Anne Marie's personal story of victory, it could be yours too.

ramona fitness center
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Great Learning Experience

My experience with private and group training has been a great learning experience. I love getting to meet and workout with new people. Shanna is a great coach who is also very supportive in helping e…Read More

Morgan G.


Passion For Training

I have a real admiration for my coachʼs passion when it comes to training. I truly appreciate her attention to detail and making sure my technique is "spot on” in kettlebell class. …Read More

Rob W.
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