At Ramona Fitness Center, we've been a part of thousands fitness programs for over 21 years and work hard everyday to offer realistic, successful fitness plans. Find accountability with one of our three certified personal trainers already coaching hundreds of clients every year, offerring not only the best workout plan, but also food and supplement support with our complete Weight Management program.

We also are the only area in town that offers the bodybugg, made widely popular by NBC's hit show "The Biggest Loser." Ask Amber Ramirez, Ramona Fitness Center member, who has lost over 70 pounds, how the bodybugg, along with her trainer and owner of Ramona Fitness Center, Peter San Nicolas, have given her a whole new life perspective.

With a free trial membership to experience one of San Diego's finest gyms, you cannot go wrong. We understand the fear and, let' face it, difficulties, that come with change. We also understand the elation and confidence that come with success. Nikki Bigbee, General Manager of Ramona Fitness Center, made a resolution in 2001 to feel better in life. She dropped 40 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and 10% body fat by the end of the year and has kept it off, proving that Resolutions are achievable.

Your goals might be greater or smaller, but all of equal worth. Come to a place that is all about supporting you, Ramona Fitness Center at 558 Main Street, 760.789.3500 760.789.3500 .



Massage and Body Therapy at the Club - Our Therapies are open to both members and the public . Our exclusive menu includes everything from Swedish Massage  to Reflexology. Call to schedule your appointment today! 760.789.3500

Resistance Training
Our resistance training center is top of the line, featuring machines by Freemotion and EPIC Strength. In no time at all, you will be well on your way to a leaner and stronger you! Check out

Extensive Free Weights
Our vast selection of free weights give you the flexibility that you deserve, when you really want to sculpt your body.

Group Exercise Classes
Our group exercise classes will keep you hopping. We also offer Turbokick, Zumba, step aerobics, and yoga. Click here to see detailed descriptions of all our group fitness classes.
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Cycling is an exciting training concept that brings energy, music, and a serious fitness challenge to indoor cycling. Your cycle instructor will lead you on a heart-pumping, imaginative journey toward improved fitness and endurance. You will need to call 24 hours within class time to reserve a spot.

City Blends Cafe.
Check out
The Juice Bar is a great place to chat with the staff and meet other members. In addition to water, sports drinks, juices, and carbonated, we also offer a variety of shakes. Whether you need added energy before or after your workout, a shake or protein drink will replace lost or needed nutrients. Look for monthly shake specials posted above the bar. We also offer a frequent buyer card. Don't forget to get your card punched!

Cardio Theater
Our cardiovascular training center is complete with ,treadmills, elliptical trainers, crosstrainers, and sit down bikes. Every single cardio piece has its own 17 inch flat panel entertainment system!! Only the BEST for our members.

Pro Shop
Ramona Fitness offers a complete line of nutritional supplements from companies such as Advocare, APEX, and Optimum. The pro shop also features fitness apparel and equipment for RMMA and boxing.

Supplementation provides nutritional insurance for optimal health, nutrients without the addition of calories, and readily available nutrients at the proper times and in the proper quantities in response to exercise.
Get an RFC Black Card for your exclusive 20% off all supplements all year.

Member Referral Program
We greatly appreciate you telling your friends and family members about our club. To show our appreciation, we have numerous gift to offer you including spa gift certificates, training and club bucks including $25 dollars on your club account when your friends and family join.

Locker Rental
Lockers are available for safe storage of your personal items while you work out. Please bring your own lock.


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