At Ramona Fitness Center we are dedicated to giving you, the client, the most unique and memorable fitness experience in the San Diego area. From small group training, bootcamp, pilates or yoga, group fitness, sports conditioning, to one on one or semi-private training we guarantee your success. We have been Ramona's First and Only upscale adult fitness center for over 25 years! Come see what we are all about at Ramona Fitness Center where we strive to "Be the Best Part of Your Day, Everyday!"

It seems like the most normal thing in the world to feel a little chubby and a little out of shape after the holidays. What is not normal, at least for me, is getting out hiked and outrun by every single member of my family. When it began to rain while we were at the top of Iron Mountain in January 2013, we had to run down quickly. Everyone ran faster than me, including my five year old son and our Miniature Dachshund whose legs are 3 inches long. The time for denial and excuses had come and gone. I needed to get in shape.

The following Monday, I joined Ramona Fitness Center. After a couple of tough surgeries, my body was not just out of shape it was weaker on the left side. I could not do dips let alone push ups or burpees, yet somehow I found myself in “fit group,” a small class led by a certified trainer that offered a different full body workout with cardio each day. Peter led the first class. I could hardly walk for three days, but I felt incredible. Knowing that I had completed an hour of hard training gave me a sense of accomplishment. Since I had a month of unlimited Fit Group, I decided to make it count and committed to doing Fit Group 4-5 times per week. It did not take long for me to notice increased strength. After a month, I had not lost weight, but I had lost about five inches. I made new friends who encouraged me. When the month ended, I was hooked. It has now been almost a year. I’ve lost 13 pounds and two and a half sizes. This is from Fit Group alone. I really don’t do any other workouts and I have not changed my eating habits. However, since I feel so much stronger and more capable, my family spends a lot more time being active!  

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